How do I apply for campaigns?


Our #Petfluencers get lots of perks.

Start applying to campaigns from companies around the world and receive free products by reviewing their products on your Instagram!

Please note that we only allow influencers under #thewoofagency network to apply for these campaigns.

To join our network, head over here! We accept all accounts as long as it’s a pets-only & public profile.


Step-by-step guide

Here’s how you can apply to campaigns from companies around the world. Start reviewing products as a #petfluencer today.

  1. Check out the list of campaigns which you can apply to here.

  2. If you are keen to take on a particular campaign, click the button “Apply now”.

  3. Each campaign will have their own set of requirements. Please make sure you read through the brief.

  4. If you are keen on a particular campaign, and meets the criteria, click to apply. You will be asked to fill in your particulars.

  5. Give it some time - some brands reply within 2 weeks, whereas some takes a bit more time.

  6. If you are selected, an account manager will reach out to you via our Instagram (@thewoofagency) or email address.

  7. You will be notified when the product is mailed out, and voila! Start reviewing products!


We highly recommend influencers to only take on campaigns which they believe in so as to keep your content authentic.

There are no limits to how many campaigns you can take on at a point of time, but please note that if you are selected but do not fulfil the campaign, THE WOOF AGENCY reserves the rights to remove you from our network (please don’t make us do this!).