Claws and Effect - Ground and whole raw diet range

Claws and Effect - Ground and whole raw diet range

Campaign Brief

Product Information:

Claws and Effect strive to provide an alternative to commercial diets, and aim to make raw feeding more commonplace and accessible to busy pet parents.

They offer a wide range of raw meals that come in easy tear-and-pour packets, from prey model raw grounds to whole prey options that come in 10 variants of protein.

Claws and Effects pride themselves on:

✔︎ Use of AVA-approved, restaurant-grade meats in balanced ratios to meet the nutritional needs of your pet;

✔︎ Transparent ingredient list (for the control freak in us);

✔︎ Minimally processed ingredients to maximise digestibility and absorption of nutrition; and

✔︎ Topped off with soy-free deep sea fish oil to provide the correct balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6s.


  • Take a picture of your furkid with the products

  • A personal review after trying out the products

Reimbursement: Selected influencers will receive $80 worth of products of their choice from Claws and Effects Meals range.

Free shipping available

Minimum requirements:

  • You need to be a pet influencer under our network - you only need to sign up once.

  • Min. 1,000 followers on Instagram.

  • Influencer is based in Singapore.


  • 1 instagram post on your review after your furkid has tried the products - post should include your furkid and the product

  • 1 review on our FB page / Google on your experience with us. (Please indicate IG name). If you have already done so for previous campaigns, you can ignore this.


  • Tag and @thewoofagency

  • Hashtag #clawsandeffectsg and #thewoofagency


If you are keen to be part of this campaign, please register your interest here. Only selected influences will be notified. Choice of preferred product will be gathered at a later stage.