Preparing your furkid to look their very best!

Most dog influencers and cat influencers online look gorgeous in each and every photo online, and it is a testament to how much time,effort and love their owners have invested. In this article, we will be sharing on the importance of grooming your pet well, and how you can do so.

Constant fur maintenance

The fur is an essential part of your pet’s body that contributes to its health and bodily conditions. A lot of pet owners might not understand the essentials of daily grooming of your pet’s fur, until the disastrous consequences happen—when your pet, especially pets with long fur, get fur that is tangled up and matted on its skin. This will cause unnecessary pain and discomfort, and may even contribute to bad skin problems. If your pet’s fur is too matted, professional groomers might even have to shave all of its fur off; removing their beautiful fur coat. It is thus important for you to ensure that your pet’s fur is combed and trimmed on a constant basis. Grooming sessions might seem costly, but you can also lightly trim/brush your pet’s own fur without going to the groomer’s every month. Note to NEVER shave a double coated breed! Consult your groomer/vet to understand more on the best fur maintenance for your beloved furkid.

Give it an affordable, luxurious spa session

Your pet may also like a long, relaxing bath, and this can now be easily achieved with many pet products out there, such as pet-friendly natural homemade bath bombs, essential oil shampoos and more. Many of these products helps soothe your pet and make them feel comfortable even when taking a bath, and most importantly, they can also contribute to making your pet’s coat looking sleek and clean! These products are also usually priced pretty affordably so check them out if you will like a DIY luxurious spa session for your furkid. If not, you can always head to the groomer’s to opt for such services.

Accessorize your pet, but only if they’re comfortable.

Another way to making your furkid look nice and stand out from the crowd is to, of course, accessorize! Some furkids might not be comfortable with wearing thick layers of pet clothing, but fret not! Pet accessorizing comes in many forms nowadays, from clothes to pretty bow-ties and bandanas. Even if your pet shy away from contact with fabric, you can also make your furkid look more gorgeous just by using a nicely decorated collar. Many pet owners sell customizable and handmade pet accessories and products, and you can easily find them at affordable prices online! But do be warned to only accessorize your pet if they feel comfortable with it—you do not want to force your pet to look pretty but sulky in all its photos. Your furkid’s happiness is a priority!

By following these tips, you can easily give your pet a transformative makeover, and make them look their very best when heading out to pet events and meet-ups!

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