Always bring your furkid to meet new friends!

One of the most important responsibilities of being a pet owner is to socialize your pet. Whether your pet is an aspiring dog influencer, cat influencer or your everyday laze-at-home pet, socialization is very important for your pet’s well being!

Start young and as early as possible.

This is one of the most fundamental tips if you will like to socialize your pet: it will be easier to do so if your pet is at a young age, as he/she will be able to adapt faster to a new environment full of other furry creatures and/or other humans. If your aspiring furkid did not receive any socialization in the first few years of his/her life, he/she might develop separation anxiety, and become extremely nervous when it’s around other animals and humans. Always socialize your pet from a young age!

Join online communities.

Get in touch with other pets and pet owners by joining groups that you might be able to find on social media, such as Facebook groups or group Instagram accounts. Some of these communities are exclusive to pets of a particular type or a particular breed, but others welcome all pets. For example, SGCorgis is exclusive to Singapore corgi owners and their pets, while Mini Paws Society welcomes all Singaporean dogs. These communities of owners and pets make it easier for you to gain access to small or large-scale pet gatherings, events and even pet ownership advice, as you can easily interact with the owners on social media or through online group chats that you might be added into if you are a member. You and your pet might even forge some lasting friendships along the way!

Attend pet events.

Do also look out for pet events that are sometimes organized by external organizations, such as community centers and pet-related companies. For example, Pet Expo is Singapore’s largest pet fair and it is held annually. It brings together many different brands and companies, and it also hosts pet competitions and pet adoption events for your furry friends. These events are a good way for your pet to make some new friends along the way!

Pet socialization is not just about helping you and your pet know other pets and connecting with them; in fact, it will greatly contribute to your pet’s mental health and well-being as it interacts with more people and animals rather than feeling bored at home all day. Even if you are not looking for large-scale social events, you can always reach out to any pet community online to suggest a small gathering so your pet will feel more comfortable. Many pet owners will definitely be receptive to the idea!

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