Animal Ortho Care

The EMbed Relief System's signature EM technology is more commonly known as Electromagnetic (EM) Field or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. EM works at the cellular level to help reduce pain and swelling while increasing blood flow.

The EMbed Relief System is a noninvasive solution for pain management, allowing activity to continue while receiving healing therapy whether it is for acute injury, post-operative recovery or chronic (arthritic) pain. 

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - Our device uses EM technology commonly known as PEMF. NASA has been using EM technology to aid astronauts in supporting bone health and to prevent degeneration, following time spent in space. Our EM technology is a lighter frequency optimized for pain management and increased circulation in soft tissue. This technology has been proven in the human medical field with clinical trials focused on osteoarthritis, post-surgical and post-injury recovery.

PAIN RELIEF - Human Tested. Dog Approved. The EMbed Relief System works at the cellular level by gently pulsing an electromagnetic field into your pup's soft tissue. The energy generated from the EM improves intracellular function which also increases the production of nitric oxide - a healing molecule common in all living things. Nitric Oxide helps to increase blood flow to where your pup is hurting, further reducing pain and edema at the treatment area.

EASY TO USE - We designed a product with your life in mind. Our Empower device is easy to use and rechargeable. Simply press the power button to start your pup's 2-hour therapy session. Once the treatment is completed, the Empower device will automatically power off. To charge the device, simply plug the charger into the micro USB outlet on the device. The red light on the device will turn off when charging is complete.

PREMIUM QUALITY - We are proud that all of our products are designed and made in the USA.